Surf Kitesurf Spots Essaouira Watersports Center

Essaouira Watersports is located centrally to Morocco’s finest waves and offers a team with unbeatable local knowledge, experience and cultural understanding. With beautiful weather, wind and wave conditions year round, Essaouira is considered the best kitesurf and surf destination in Morocco.

Surf Spots

Essaouira bay Surf spots Essaouira Watersports center

Essaouira bay

The half-moon shaped bay of Essaouira is the best beginner surf spot in the country. It offers various swell sizes for beginners taking their first steps on the surfboard and for intermediate surfers too. Thanks to its soft sandy bottom and a perfect beach break it is an ideal place to learn the basics and brush up on your skills.

The Cave surf spots Essaouira Watersports center

The Cave & La Couronne

This spot is one of the best in Morocco and about a 20 minuets drive from Essaouira town.
The spot offers you a perfect right side wave of 500 meters: Easy to ride and works very good with mid or low tide. The spot provides you with a big swell form October to May.

sidi kaouki surf spots Essaouira Watersports center

Sidi Kaouki

This small fisher village with its nice small bars where you can eat and drink and watch the waves is also about a 20 minutes’ drive away from Essaouira. The 30 km long sandy beach with a variety of waves that work best at high tide and low wind. The spot offers both quality of waves: riff and an open beach break. It is a great spot for beginners throughout the year, but also for intermediate and more experienced surfers between July and January

Imsouane surf spots Essaouira Watersports center


Imsouane originally a small fisher village, hidden from vast tourism has now become a popular surf spot yet managed to keep its unique character.
The spot is blessed with one of the longest waves in Africa named “la be”. The famous Cathedral Point is a right-hand beach break with a sandy and rocky bottom. Both – Advanced and beginner surfers will find here what they seek for.
You can reach this lovely hide away within 80 minutes by car from Essaouira.

Kitesurf Spots

Essaouira bay Kitesurf Spots Essaouira Watersports Center

Essaouira Bay

The half-moon shaped bay of Essaouira is perfectly beach to learn kite surfing. Due to the Passat winds there are good side shore winds nearly all year round.
Shallow water and sandy beach make this bay the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing in a fun and save way.

2nd beach Kitesurf Spots Essaouira Watersports Center

2nd Beach

Following Essaouira beach down south you’ll reach the “2nd beach”: a never ending long sandy beach. The waves in this spot are often a bit bigger than in the bay and sometimes there’s a light current so good fun for more experienced riders.
On top of that you can enjoy a nice half an hour downwinder from Essaouira bay to 2nd beach.