Kitesurfing is the perfect sport to clear your mind and to push your boundaries.
Join us at one of the most renowned kitesurfing spots in Morocco: Essaouira bay – The spacious, sandy beach and side shore wind provide you with the perfect set up for kitesurf lessons you will enjoy to the max!

Our courses are designed to fit your personal level. We adapt to your level and push you from there, making sure you reach your personal goal in a save and fun way. Check out our courses to find out where we can catch up!

Kitesurf Lessons


Initiation Kitesurf Lessons Essaouira Watersports Center

Kitesurf Lessons

Initiation or Intermediate Coaching

The initiation & Intermediate Kitesurf courses are specially designed for kitesurfers who want to learn the basics, and for those who want to become more independent and confident riding by themselves. The kitesurf course in Essaouira with Essaouira Watersports takes place in small groups of maximum 2 people guided by certified instructor.

What you learn in these courses

Initiation Kitesurf Lessons
  How to analyze the kitespot
  How to handle and set up your kitesurf material
  Safety instructions
  How to start and land a kite
  How to fly a kite in the wind window
  Body drag with and without the board
  Waterstart both sides

Intermediate Kitesurf Lessons
  Kite control on land and water
  Riding right and left side
  Going up wind both sides
  Turning both sides

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Advanced Kitesurf Lessons Essaouira watersports center

Advanced Kitesurf

Strapless or Advanced Coaching

You’re an experienced rider and want to feel the thrill of first jumps? Or you would like to have some advice on your personal style? or you want to try riding strapless to feel the pleasure of riding waves? You will shape the advanced course together with your instructor who will be more than happy to share his knowledge and expertise with you.

What you learn in these courses

Advanced Coaching
  Optimise your personal riding style
  First jumps
  Jump transition
  One foot
  Back & Front Loop

Strapless Course
  Ride with one foot in the strap
  Practice riding strapless both directions
  Jump with the board
  Catch waves

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We offer downwind trips in different lengths so you can find out if downwind is something you might enjoy without feeling overstrained.
Choose between half an hour riding up to two hours riding. Depending on which downwinder you choose, we’ll bring you to the starting point with our 4×4. From there you will be guided by two of our instructors who will make sure you can enjoy the ride to the max! At the endpoint we will be awaiting you and drive you back to our center in Essaouira where you’ll be served traditional tea and grilled fish to warm up and chill out.

Essaouira Bay 2nd Beach

30 minutes / 20 Euros

Moulay Essaouira

1 hour 40 minutes / 50 Euros

Essaouira Sidi Kaouki

2 hours / 50 Euros

What is included?

Full kitesurf equipment, Coffee and/or Traditional moroccan tea, Private transportation, You’ll be served grilled fish after the ride, either at the beach or in the center


Group Kitesurf LessonsPrice
2 Hours50 Euros
4 Hours95 Euros
6 Hours141 Euros
8 Hours186 Euros
10 Hours230 Euros
12 Hours273 Euros
Private Kitesurf LessonsPrice
2 Hours80 Euros
4 Hours152 Euros
6 Hours225 Euros
8 Hours298 Euros
10 Hours368 Euros
12 Hours437 Euros
Downwind TripPrice
Essaouira Bay - 2nd Beach20 Euros
Moulay - Essaouira50 Euros
Essaouira - Sidi Kaouki60 Euros
Kitesurf RentalPrice
Half Day Rental30 Euros
2h Supervision20 Euros
2h Kids Starter35 Euros

Extra info

All Kitesurf Lessons include: Complete Kitesurf Equipment, Private transport, Lunch, Bottled water, 2 1/2-hour surf lesson with certified instructor, Photos
Kitesurf Lessons for Kids from 7 to 12 years, for Adult from 12 years
Downwinds min 3 participants
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